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The Arora Research Lab is lead by Dr Hari Arora MEng PhD DIC ACGI FHEA and based at Swansea University. Housed within the College of Engineering at the Bay Campus, the lab has access to modern facilities (imaging, mechanical testing and manufacturing) all recently established on the new Campus. A flexible workspace has also been established to enable short- to medium-term studies to run in collaboration with industry.

Our research focuses on three key topics: lung mechanics, trauma biomechanics and dynamic behaviour of materials. The overarching target is to improve the treatment and prevention of injury and disease through mechanistic understanding. The dynamic nature of trauma make it a challenging topic but there is broad application impact and output.

Techniques used include: high-speed (impact, blast) testing, non-contact optical or X-ray imaging for structural evaluation, image correlation and computational modelling (finite element, finite volume, computational fluid dynamics), working within the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering

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